Annotation labels are an extension of the more basic 'hotspots' capability of the Zoomify Viewer. Labels are supported in the Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise product and add support for shapes, freehand drawings, polygons, and much more. The supported functionality includes the ability to show or hide labels by adding a simple script to a button in the page. This can be done in two ways.

The first button above calls the function setLabelsVisibility to toggle the visibility of a container that holds all of the labels. This is simple and fast, however, this approach does not permit individual labels to be hidden and shown.

The second button above uses an optional parameter to cause the function to find and modify the visibility of each label individually. This permits subsequent function calls to make any individual label visible again, for example, by using the functions setLabelVisibilityByID or setLabelsVisibilityByFilter.

The third button uses the functions setLabelVisibilityByID and getLabelVisibilityByID to toggle an individual label's visibility - it works even if the all the labels are hidden using the second button, but not if they are all hidden using the first button.

Shortcut: to hide/show the hotspots without using a button and function, simply Alt-Click the Minimize button on the Toolbar or use the key combination Alt-l (lower case "L"). Note that the key combination is only effective when the Viewer has focus - that is, when the mouse cursor is over the Viewer or the Viewer is the most recent element of the page to have been clicked or touched.

Additional resources: see the Function List document in the Developer Resources folder for additional information about all Zoomify JavaScript API functions.