The Zoomify Image Viewer supports the use of external graphics files for annotation labels. It is also a simple matter to create new annotation graphics using your own image files. The files should be small - icon sized, typically 50 to 150 pixels in either dimension. The files must be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. Also, many commonly used shapes are included as a starting point in the file: Assets/Annotations/SourcFiles/

Special Note: in Version 3 or later, external graphic files for certain common icon shapes - circles, triangles, squares, arrows, and lines - will be automatically ignored and replaced with canvas drawn vector graphics. This automatic substitution saves load time and bandwidth and provides a simple upgrade path for customers moving from Versions 1 and 2. The auto-substitution is based on filename. For example, files named 'circle.png', 'circle.jpg', or 'circle.gif' will be affected. Also affected: square, triangle, arrowDownRight, arrowUpLeft, arrowUpRight, arrowUp, arrowDown, arrowLeft, arrowRight, lineHorizontal, and lineVertical. To avoid this effect, simply rename your external graphics files, or use the HTML parameter zLabelIconsInternal=0.