The Zoomify Image Viewer in Zoomify HTML5 Enterprise is now able to directly view annotations stored in the Aperio XML format! Direct access means no XML conversion is required - a significant workflow optimization!

Aperio, a part of Leica, is a popular source of digital pathology slide scanning technologies. Annotations created with Aperio systems are stored in XML just as Zoomity annotations are, however, Aperio uses a unique format - different attributes representing the same and different data values. The Zoomify Image Viewer's new ability to directly view these annotations means Aperio customers can take advantage of the advanced viewing capabilities of the Zoomify Image Viewer without any need to manually convert their XML data.

In addition, the V5 Zoomify Image Viewer can save edited Aperio annotations to the Aperio format or to Zoomify's own, streamlined format. This provides an automatic, optional, means to convert XML. Zoomify's XML format makes use of more standard color representations and simplified annotation attributes - and makes possible an extended set of annotation label types!

The HTML parameters used with Aperio annotations are: zAnnotationXMLAperioLoad and zAnnotationXMLAperioPost. See the Parameters List in the Documentation folder for detailed information.