The Zoomify Image Viewer supports annotating using vector shape labels as well fields of view labels, text-only caption labels, freehand drawings, polygons, and measurement polygons. By default, all label edit modes are accessible - there is no need to use the HTML parameters zShapesVisible, to show the Shape editing mode button in the Markup interface.

This example does use the zFieldOfViewVisible, zFreehandVisible, zTextVisible, zPolygonVisible, and zMeasureVisible parameters - to hide these editing modes and simplify the editing experience. All of these parameters are also useful in the full annotation editing interface.

To edit a shape simply click it - then drag its center to reposition it, or drag any of its handles to resize or rotate it.

To create a new shape, first click the Shape button in the Annotation Panel at the upper right of the display, then choose the shape desired. Finally, click in the image to create the new shape.

Note: any subsequent click in the image will end the editing of the selected shape and return interaction to navigation of the image. This permits rapid creation of a shape followed by repositioning the image to a new location. To create an additional label of any kind simply click the button of the desired type in the Annotation Panel again.