The new Magnifier Panel of the Zoomify Image Viewer provides a 100% zoom close-up of the image at the current cursor position while allowing continued pan-and-zoom navigation of the main display!

Intuitive to use with completely automatic, optimized data management, the Magnifier Panel includes a built-in minimize button to hide the Panel when it is not needed, or to clear the maximum area of the main display for easy viewing. Note that the Magnifier Panel auto-hides/shows on mouse-out/mouse-over of the main display - just like the other Panels of the Zoomify Image Viewer.

Enable the Magnifier Panel with a single HTML parameter: zMagnifierVisible=1. Additional HTML parameters provide control over the Magnifier Panel's size and position: zMagnifierWidth, zMagnifierHeight, zMagnifierLeft, and zMagnifierTop. See the Zoomify Parameter List in the Documentation folder for details.