The Zoomify Image Format (ZIF) allows storage of high-resolution, zoomable images megabytes or gigabytes in size in one single file. ZIF files can be viewed using the Zoomify Image Viewer with no need for any special server setup.*

For customers and partners with large collections of large images, this provides simple, fast viewing with convenient, efficient content management. Note that the Zoomify Converter can easily convert Zoomify Image Folders and PFF files to the ZIF format.

Note: due to browser security protections, local testing of ZIF viewing requires the use of a Browse button to manually select the ZIF file to view. This is required only for local test viewing, not when published on the web. Additional details are provided in the example "13-ZIF-LocalViewing".

See this example in action on the Zoomify website or simply copy this example web page file "12-ZIF-OneFileStorage" to your web server along with the zoomable image file ZoomifyImageExample.zif, the viewer file ZoomifyImageViewerExpress-min.js, and the toolbar skin graphics folder Assets/Skins/Default.

*Some server environments (such as MS IIS) may require setting a MIME type, a simple, three-step process.