The User Login feature of the Zoomify Image Viewer can validate user entries against a simple list provided using a text (XML) file. The location of this list is provided using the HTML parameter zUserPath. Entry of values not included on the approved list will return an error alert. Additional entry attempts are permitted. Accepted values are active for the duration of the browser session.

Additional options include (from the Parameters List in the Documentation product folder):

zUserLogin: 0=hide (default), 1=request username on page load, 'skip'=assign default value ('Anonymous User'), 'any other strin'g=hide request and use string provided as username. Username is used for time/date stamps of annotation edits as well as for counter tracking. Value is retained during browser session and is accessible to page scripts for use in integrated applications. Value is not validated unless list of usernames is provided using zUserPath parameter below.

zUserNamePrompt: Defines text for request for username. Overrides default resourced value: 'Please enter a username for your edits'. May also be provide in users.xml file provided using zUserPath below. Note that if entries are validated against user list in users.xml file and validation fails, retry prompt will be presented. Default retry prompt is 'Name not on approved list, please try again'. Value may be replaced in users.xml file.

zUserPath: URL to users.xml file for providing list of usernames. Enables validation of username entered by user. File may also include optional name to allow guest access, as well as text for prompt to request entry of username and text for retry prompt if validation of entry fails agains username list.

zUserPanelVisible: 0=hide (default), 1=show. Enables display of list of Users in panel in Viewer display. Especially useful when using Counter Tracking features where checkbox for each user allows hiding/showing of counter labels by user.