The Zoomify Image Viewer included in the Enterprise product edition supports the use of annotation labels to count image features - including exact labeling of image attributes with customizable counter icons, cell-based navigation, completion tracking, user and type visibility controls, and progress overlay displays! This example demonstrates Tracking capabilites in View mode - with editing access disabled.

Run the example '135-TrackingCounters-FullSystem' to explore these tracking capabilities in combination with user login access to track and display counts by user! Also included in that example - image filters and image types including brightfield, florescent, and more - for a complete web-based, high-resolution, image analysis tool!

Simply use the HTML parameter zTrackingPath to enable the Counter Tracking Panel. Add the zUserPath, zImageFiltersVisible, and other HTML parameters to combine and extend functionality. All editing and posting capabilities build on the built-in annotation editing capabilities of the Zoomify Image Viewer. See the Tracking, User Login, and Image Filter examples, as well as the Parameters List document in the Documentation folder for additional information!