Zoomify V5 delivers a new Zoomify Express Multi-Viewer that can be included in any web page multiple times! Other editions of the Zoomify Viewer have required the use of iFrames or other approaches to display many Zoomify Images at once in a single web page. This new Viewer greatly simplifies the layout and implementation of sophisticated web page designs!

See this Viewer in action above - including separate Toolbars with Toolbar graphics courtesy of Zoomify partner Destiny Skins. Find this dedicated Multi-Viewer in each Zoomify product in the Viewer Features folder with the title 'ZoomifyImageViewerExpressMulti-min.js'.

In Version 5 this dedicated Multi-Instance Viewer supports Express product features including preset views, full screen mode, and more, as well as all 32 HTML parameters of the Express product.

This Viewer must manage the scope of all Viewer functionality in order to avoid conflict between Viewer instances - including parameter parsing, data loading, tile caching, and user interaction. Support for Pro and Enterprise features will be consider for future releases, based on customer demand, while continuing to prioritize efficient processing and optimal performance.