Hotspots can include popup graphics that are displayed on mouse rollover. This effect is implemented simply by providing the path to a graphics file in the hotspots XML file using a POPUP="myPath" value for any specific hotspot. This differs from the ROLLOVER="1" value which causes the hotspot icon itself to be hidden until mouseover.

The popup graphic for any hotspot can be positioned using offset values in the hotspot XML file, for example: POPOFFSETX="-5" and POPOFFSETY="-5". If values are not set, the popup will be centered over the hotspot. For details, see the Parameters List in the Documentation folder.

To create a caption without a graphic and include a popup on rollover use a transparent PNG file as the hotspot icon (MEDIA="myTransparentImage.png"). This allows the width and height of the mouseover area to be defined by the dimensions of the transparent image.

Note: the current implementation does not alter the positioning of the popup to keep it within the display area. This and other enhancements will follow in future releases. Input is welcome.