Hotspots can easily be set visible or invisible using JavaScript function calls from buttons in the page. Both buttons above use the function setHotspotsVisibility in a simple script to toggle the visibility of all hotspots on and off.

The first button changes the visibility of the layer containing all of the hotspots. This is simple and fast. The second button above uses an optional parameter to cause the function to find and modify each hotspot individually. This permits subsequent function calls to make any individual hotspot visible again, for example, by using the functions setHotspotVisibilityByID or setHotspotsVisibilityByFilter.

Shortcut: to hide/show the hotspots without using a button and function, simply Alt-Click the Minimize button on the Toolbar or use the key combination Alt-l (lower case "L"). Note that the key combination is only effective when the Viewer has focus - that is, when the mouse cursor is over the Viewer or the Viewer is the most recent element of the page to have been clicked or touched.

Additional resources: see the Function List document in the Developer Resources folder for additional information.