This example displays the Zoomify Image Viewer with the 'full-page view' option enabled. Full-page view allows the image display to fill the entire browser window. The HTML parameter zFullPageVisible=1 is used to implement this effect. The Escape key or the Full View button can be used to exit full page view.

Note that this example enables initial display in full-page view - immediately when the page loads rather than simply when the Full View button is pressed. The additional parameter zInitialFullPage=1 is used to achieve this.

For a true 'full-screen view' in which the image display also covers screen area outside the browser window, see the Full Screen example, which implements the parameter zFullScreenVisible=1.

Note, however, that browser security prevents initial display in full-screen view. In addition, full-screen view is supported only in recent browsers versions (older versions will automatically use full-page view instead).