The Zoomify Image Viewer animation viewing support includes time-lapse, 3D object, 360 degree panoramas, and more. The above example presents a simple 3D object effect created from unconverted images! JPEG and PNG formats are supported. Additional examples of viewing unconverted content follow this example.

Viewing images without first processing them with the Zoomify Converter removes a workflow step - however - the images must be entirely downloaded prior to viewing. They must therefore be small - mere kilobytes in size rather than megabytes or even gigabytes in size. Loading time is also decreased by reducing the number of images.

Comparing this example to the AnimationObject example that uses a Zoomify Image, only only 14 images are used rather than 28, and each is just 600 pixels wide rather than 2040! As a result of these compromises, zoom is nearly non-existent, fine details are not visible , and the animation effect is less smooth. It is worth noting that even with these savings - and the resulting less compelling experience - the example using the Zoomify Image loads more quickly.

To view the animation in action, click-drag when zoomed out. Click-dragging when zoomed in reverts to standard panning behavior. Additional navigation options include a dedicated toolbar slider, toolbar Next and Prior buttons, mousewheel, choicelist (optional), and the Page-Up / Page-Down keys.

For complete details on the extensive HTML and XML parameters available see the example 'Animations-TimeLapse' or the Parameters List document in the Documentation folder!