To test the smooth pan feature simply click-drag left and right without releasing the mouse. The feature 'eases' the otherwise abrupt change of direction. Toggle the effect off or back on by alt-clicking the Pan Left button.

In addition, because different site designers prefer different levels of easing, the smooth pan feature can be adjusted using the HTML parameter zSmoothPanEasing ('1'=direct/off, '2'=fluid (default), '3'=gentle, '4'=relaxed, '5'=loose). A related feature, drag-glide, allows for rapid navigation by releasing the mouse while it is still in motion. This feature can also be controlled by HTML parameter: zSmoothPanGlide (similar values to zSmoothPanEasing). The smooth pan feature as a whole can be set on or off with the HTML parameter zSmoothPan (0=off, 1=on default). See the Zoomify Parameter List in the Developer Resources folder for details.

Web developers can use the Zoomify Image Viewer JavaScript functions setSmoothPan (on/off), toggleSmoothPan, setSmoothPanEasing, or setSmoothPanGlide to control the effect. See the Zoomify Function List in the Developer Resources folder for details.