The toolbar in this display uses alternative skin graphics in the folder Assets/Skins/Dark instead of the default skin graphics in the folder Assets/Skins/Default. This is implemented using one simple HTML parameter: zSkinPath=Assets/Skins/Dark

Note: be sure to use the new Default, Dark, or Light skin folders with the new Version 5 Viewer. If using a custom skin, be sure to replace the V4 skinsFile.xml file with the file from the V5 product. This will avoid errors regarding missing skin graphics files and will ensure the correct skin graphics are used for each Toolbar button.

For a choice of professional-quality Toolbar skins see the Destiny Skins on the Zoomify website. Destiny Skins are extremely inexpensive and can be implemented by simply downloading a new 'Default' folder and copying it into your 'Assets' folder - no HTML editing required! (Simple how-to steps are included in the download.)

Or, make your own skins by creating your own set of graphics in GIF, JPEG, or PNG file formats. Each button only requires three graphics: for example, the Zoom In button uses the files zoomInUp.png, zoomInOver.png, and zoomInDown.png files to show interaction as the user places the mouse over the button or presses the button.