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Zoomify makes high-quality images zoom-and-pan for fast, interactive viewing on the web with just HTML, JPEGs, and JavaScript! Zoomify's products meet the high-resolution imaging needs of creative professionals, image-centric businesses, and digital device developers. Zoomify is revolutionizing digital imaging in commerce, education, entertainment, science, and security. Technologies include HTML5 viewing options, web-based annotation, and more.

Led by David Urbanic, President & CEO, Zoomify's founders include top technologists and business staff from companies including Apple, Adobe, Borland, and other leading firms. Mr. Urbanic has been a senior member of the management teams of NetFlix.com, Live Picture, and Borland International and has over twenty five years of experience in Product Management, Marketing, Customer and Partner Services, technology development, and technology implementation in the public and private sectors.

Corporate Location
Zoomify is located in sunny Santa Cruz, California, on the leading edge of Silicon Valley. Zoomify can be reached at the email addresses below.

Email Contact Information
For more information about Zoomify or Zoomify's products, the following email addresseses are provided:

Press and analysts: press@
Partners and investors: business@
Technical website input: webmaster@
All other inquiries: support@

The following is a selection of partners with whom Zoomify works to develop, promote, and sell our products. Invitations and recommendations regarding partnership are appreciated, please let us know your thoughts.

MicroX Labs


Press Information
We're happy to provide press contacts with whatever information they may need to help familiarize themselves with our company and our products. If you work with a media organization and require assistance beyond the materials available below and elsewhere on our web site, please don't hesitate to contact us at the press email address listed above or call us toll-free at 1-877-ZOOMIFY (966-6439)

Customer/Partner Quotes

Zoomify, Inc.: David Urbanic, President & CEO
"Zoomify is radically changing how Web designers use images" said David Urbanic, Zoomify's Founder and President. "Customers as diverse as the National Cancer Institute, The Smithsonian Institution, and Burton Snowboards are applying Zoomify products to create amazing sites that are extremely high-quality, interactive, and fast!"

EPOP, Inc.: Eric Poppleton
"As a professional photographer interested in the latest digital imaging technologies I'm excited about Zoomify because they deliver a simple solution that finally makes extremely high-quality images useful on the Internet."

Content Arts: David Wagner, Project Development
"At ContentArts our aim is to make anything you can imagine take shape for delivery in any distribution medium. Our imaging professionals make use of the latest tools to develop rich media and interactive experiences that customers long remember. Zoomify complements this mission by making images of unlimited size and quality an everyday part of our creative toolkit."

Macromedia, Inc.: Forest Key, Senior Product Manager, Macromedia Flash
"Macromedia Flash MX is the standard for creating interactive visual content for breakthrough web experiences," said Forest Key, senior product manager, Macromedia. "Zoomify's unique new products for Macromedia Flash extend this vision with fast zoom-and-pan access to images of any size or quality, enabling compelling rich Internet applications in a wide arrange of areas including education, entertainment, the arts and sciences."

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