Free zoom-and-pan authoring, publishing, and viewing - no strings!

Zoomify Express makes high-quality images fast and easy to view! It's simple to use, just drag any image onto the Zoomify Converter, then copy the folder it creates to your web site - no special setup is needed. Your site visitors use a tiny Flash movie as the 'viewer' - so there's nothing to download or install. And it's completely free - no strings!


Features & Benefits


Drag & drop authoring - works great with all your web design tools

Totally standard publishing - just JPEGs, HTML, and a tiny Flash movie - no special setup

Universal access viewing - everyone has Flash - nothing to download or install

Free for private, public, and commercial use on web sites, CDs, or DVDs

No royalties or fees - your content is yours - no strings!


Zoomifyer EZ Includes:


Zoomify Converter: drag-and-drop tool makes any image zoomable - bigger is better!

Zoomify Viewer: tiny Flash movie (SWF file) with zoom-and-pan buttons and display

Template web page: example HTML to tell Zoomify Viewer which image to show

Quick Start guide: easy step-by-step instructions for using everything above!


Express Viewer
(80MB, new window)

Interior Design
(5MB, URL-driven web page)

Historic Aerial Photo
(257MB, resizable window)

Perfect For Web Designers Creating Web Sites with High-Quality Image Content!












Authoring: images need to be converted ('tiled and tiered') before they can be zoomed and panned

Publishing: a web site or CD/DVD is needed for sharing the content

Viewing: Flash Player v9 or later is used for viewing - almost every internet user already has this!

Licensing: The Zoomify Viewer is freely redistributable on web sites or CDs/DVDs in published (SWF) form. Your content is your own - no royalties, no strings. For detailed information please refer to the Zoomify License Agreement.

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