Standard Price


Drag-and-drop image prep

Integrates easily into any Web page

• User's Guide in download (PDF) and numerous feature examples

• Extensive html and XML parameter support for layout control and skinning

• Batch conversion support

No Flash Required

Integrated viewer features! Including:

      Full page viewing mode (optional)

      Integrated toolbar skinning support

      Custom image copyright text confirmation prior to image display (optional)

      Integrated watermarking support (optional)

      Web page control of viewer features (including zoom, pan, and more)

      Built-in trace debugging enhancement

Eleven viewers! Including:

      Express Viewer: simple, lightweight zoom-and-pan viewing

      Design Viewer:numerous parameters for customization and skins

      Full Screen Viewer: one click fills the screen, escape returns to page

      Slideshow Viewer: auto-transition between zoomable images

      Gallery Viewer: thumbnail-slider display of many images

      Hotspot Viewer: text captions, icon, URL links, rollovers, more

      Watermark Viewer: protective, non-destructive graphic overlays

      Comparison Viewer: side-by-side synchronized image viewing

      Tour Viewer: auto-navigation between destinations in image

      Rotation Viewer: 360 degree spin with rotating birds-eye view

      Geo Viewer: xml-driven latitude and longitude display

Simple parameters for customizing HTML5 viewer without JS coding!

• Full compatibility with popular web and JavaScript development tools

Complete JavaScript source files for use with any HTML, JS, or text editor

• Components for easy integration into any JavaScript project

• Powerful JavaScript API - total control for JavaScript developers

Simple parameters for customizing Flash viewers without Flash coding!

Complete Flash .FLA and .AS source files for use with a Flash editor

• Components for easy integration into any Flash project

• Powerful ActionScript API - total control for Flash developers

• Multi-strip image conversion support

Scriptable converter for server-side automation integration


Totally standard publishing: just JPEGs, HTML, and JavaScript - no Flash!

Totally standard publishing: just JPEGs, HTML and Flash

• Web page implementation examples including layers, smart links, resizing...

• Efficient asset management: Alias support for image and annotation URLs

• Web page examples .FLA and .AS source files for Flash editors

Optional single-file storage (one zoomable '.PFF' file per image)


Universal viewing accessibility via HTML5 - no Flash required

• Near-universal viewing via tiny Flash movie (no Flash on iOS devices)

• Intuitive toolbar and navigation window

• Zoomify splash screen and toolbar logo removable

Zoomify splash screen and toolbar logo replaceable

Web-based annotation: points of interest, labels, notes


• Quickstart documentation and online FAQ

• Comprehensive documentation and email support

• One year priority phone support and maintenance (free product upgrades)

Perfect for:

• Entertainment

• eMarketing and eCommerce

• Auctions and classifieds

• Education and training sites

• Higher education and gallery solutions

• Aerial photos and space imaging

• Multimedia presentations and slideshows

• Wireless / mobile applications

• Apple iPhone and iPad access to zoom-and-pan web site content

• Insurance, criminal justice and forensic uses

• Telepathology and medical research

• Defense and security applications

• Semiconductor inspection and industrial quality assurance

• Materials science and metallurgy

• Pharmaceutical chemistry and biotechnology

* Formerly named 'Zoomify Design'.

** HTML5 viewing features and Flash non-annotation viewers are available via free provision of Zoomify HTML5 and Zoomify Flash product to Zoomify Enterprise customers and Zoomify HTML5 Developer and Zoomify Flash Developer product to Zoomify Enterprise Developer customers.

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