Pro    Full-featured Viewer plus complete source code

Zoomify HTML5 Pro includes everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express plus advanced Viewer features for web designers and complete Viewer source code for web developers!

Zoomify HTML5 Pro has HTML parameters and XML support for features including Logo Replacement, Zoom Rectangle, Bookmarks, Copyrighting, Watermarks, Virtual Pointer, Ruler, Measuring, Rotation, Screensaver, Tours, Image Lists, Side-By-Side Comparison, Overlays, Slideshows, Hotspots, Animations, Responsive Web Design, Geo-Coordinates, Unconverted Image Viewing - and much more.

And Zoomify HTML5 Pro includes complete editable JavaScript source code for the Zoomify Image Viewer - not obfuscated or minified - with a powerful API, detailed Function List, and extensive debugging features - for total customization control of Viewer functionality!

Zoomify HTML5 Pro - Features & Benefits
Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express including:
Drag-drop image conversion, fast zoom-and-pan viewing, intuitive navigation via Toolbar, Navigator, mouse, or keys, preset initial views, fullscreen mode, built-in help, ZIF one-file storage option, and more!

Zoomify HTML5 Pro adds:
Toolbar logo - replace Z logo with your own graphic!
Zoom Rectangle - alt-click-drag to draw region to zoom into!
Bookmarks - simple HTML parameters for in-image browser bookmarking!
Copyright display - customizable confirmation prior to image display (optional)
Watermarking - customizable non-destructive overlay (optional)
Virtual Pointer - hovers over image as draggable indicater during presentations
Ruler panel - graphic display of current zoom % or magnication with choice of units
Measuring tool - click and drag to see length, circumference, and area
Rotation - 360 degree spin in 1 degree or 90 degree increments
Screensaver - auto-navigation between destinations with just one HTML parameter
Tours - auto-navigation between preselected destinations in image - audio option
Image List - use simple text file to let users to choose images to display
Comparison - side-by-side viewing of images with synchronized navigation
Overlays - overlapping images with synchronization and transparency!
Slideshows - auto-transition between zoomable images - autio option
Hotspots - text captions, icons, URL links, rollovers, more! Support includes Coordinate Finder to easily capture X,Y, and zoom values, Categories to hide/show and script effects on hotspot groups, click-functions, zoom ranges, graphic Popups, and more!
Animations - 'flipbook' 3D objects, timelapse, 360 degree panoramas, and more!
Responsive Web Design support (R.W.D) with auto-resize and refresh - no scripting needed!
Geo Coordinates - show latitude and longitude for cursor over image!
Unconverted image viewing - no preprocessing required for JPEGs or PNGs (smaller files recommended)
Web page control - easily script viewer behaviors including zoom, pan, and more
Internal Toolbar - no skins option for simplest presentations or cross-domain use
Pan contraint is configurable with simple HTML parameters!
Smooth pan and glide are configurable with simple HTML parameters!
Debug and trace enhancements - designed for zoomify functionality
OnReady and Callbacks - easy function call assignments
Localization / internationalization - efficient with all GUI and error strings resourced
PNG transparent tile viewing - detailed description of implementation steps
Enhanced HTML parameters for customizing look and functionality - with 120 parameter options!
Enhanced web designer support - easily accessible functions enable your own web page buttons to zoom-and-pan the Viewer and much more
Enhanced web developer support - built-in debugging dialogs display globals variables and control Viewer states
Total customization control - complete JavaScript source code - not obfuscated or minified
Enhanced documentation - JavaScript Function List and 84 template web pages demonstrating every major feature!
Zoomify HTML5 Pro Includes
Everything in Zoomify HTML5 Express including:
Zoomify Unlimited Converter, JavaScript Zoomify Image Viewer - no Flash required, example toolbar skins, extensive web page feature implementation examples, detailed User's Guide and Parameters List documentation

Zoomify HTML5 Pro adds:
Enhanced Zoomify Image Viewer supporting sophisticated display features and powerful developer access functions
Complete editable JavaScript source code for Zoomify Viewer included - modify with any text editor!
Extended web page examples - 72 additional (84 total) web page templates - fully functional implementation examples for every major Zoomify Image Viewer feature - see the demos in the right sidebar!
Extended HTML parameter support - 93 additional (120 total) powerful yet intuitive settings to easily customize key Viewer features!
Extended example asset files - toolbar skin options plus copyright text, and publishing options including web page layers, smart links, resizable, and cross-domain displays
Viewing and ZIF storage test tools
Extended documentation: Function List API documentation
Perfect for application arenas involving large volumes of high-quality, mission-critical images:
  Aerial Photos & Space Imaging Auctions & Classifieds  
  Defense, Security eStore, eCatalog, & eMarketing  
  Education & Entertainment Industrial Quality Assurance  
  Infrastructure Planning Insurance, Law Enforcement & Forensics  
  Mapping, GIS, Real Estate & Travel Materials Science and Metallurgy  
  Medical & Scientific Multimedia Presentations  
  Museum, Galleries & Image Archives Wireless & Handhelds  

HTML Parameters:

Zoomify HTML5 Pro provides extensive web designer control - without JavaScript editing. These include enhanced layout and function control, developer hooks, and more. These 93 parameters are in addition to the 27 HTML5 parameters supported in Zoomify HTML5 Express (120 total).

  zLogoCustomPath zZoomRectangle zBookmarksSet
  zBookmarksGet zCopyrightPath zWatermarkPath
  zVirtualPointerVisible zCrosshairsVisible zRulerVisible
  zRulerListType zUnits zUnitsPerImage
  zPixelsPerUnit zSourceMagnification zRulerWidth
  zRulerHeight zRulerLeft zRulerTop
  zMeasureVisible zRotationVisible zInitialRotation
  zScreensaver zScreensaverSpeed zTourPath
  zTourListTitle zImageListPath zComparisonPath
  zSyncVisible zInitialSync zOverlayPath
  zSlidePath zSlideListTitle zGalleryVisible
  zGalleryWidth zGalleryHeight zGalleryLeft
  zGalleryTop zHotspotPath zHotspotListTitle
  zCaptionBoxes zCaptionTextColor zCaptionBackColor
  zPolygonLineColor zPolygonFillColor zCaptionTextVisible
  zCaptionBackVisible zPolygonLineVisible zPolygonFillVisible
  zHotspotsDrawOnlyInView zCoordinatesVisible zPreloadVisible
  zAnimationPath zAnimationAxis zAnimator
  zAnimationFlip zImageSetSliderVisible zMouseWheel
  zGeoCoordinatesPath zNavigatorWidth zNavigatorHeight
  zNavigatorLeft zNavigatorTop zNavigatorFit
  zToolbarPosition zToolbarInternal zZoomSpeed
  zPanSpeed zPanBuffer zFadeInSpeed
  zConstrainPan zInteractive zClickZoom
  zDoubleClickZoom zDoubleClickDelay zClickPan
  zMousePan zKeys zMessagesVisible
  zAutoResize zCanvas zImageProperties
  zSmoothPan zSmoothPanEasing zSmoothPanGlide
  zSmoothZoom zSmoothZoomEasing zXMLParametersPath
  zTilesPNG zTileW zTileH
  zOnReady zBaseZIndex zDebug

XML Parameters (partial list):

In addition to the HTML parameter listed above, the Zoomify Image Viewer supports the following XML parameters to support its many data-driven features including Tours, Slideshows, and Hotspots.


Zoomify HTML5 Pro - JavaScript Functions (partial list):

Web designers who do not intend to deeply customize the Zoomify Image Viewer can make use of its many features by relying on the default settings of the Viewer, or making use of the simple HTML parameters described above. Web developers familiar with JavaScript will appreciate access to the following functions which provide complete control of every aspect of the Zoomify Image Viewer. Every line of JavaScript in the Zoomify Image Viewer is editable - no obfuscated or hidden files are used. This is a partial list, the Function List document in the product provides complete coverage.

  audioMute autoResizeViewer calculateCurrentCenterCoordinates  
  calculatePointsDistance calculateZoomForResize calculateZoomToFill  
  calculateZoomToFit clearHotspotFilterByDisplayList convertPixelsToUnits  
  convertTierScaleToZoom createHotspotFromParameters createHotspotFromXML  
  deleteAllHotspots deleteAllMeasureHotspots deleteHotspot  
  drawCrosshairs enforceCopyright getClickCoordsAtZoom  
  getClickCoordsInImage getClickZoomCoords3D getConstrainPan  
  getDisplayH getDisplayPositionRotated getDisplayW  
  getHotspotTarget getHotspots getHotspotsVisibility  
  getImage getImagePath getInitialized  
  getMessage getRotation getSmoothPan  
  getStatus getViewH getViewW  
  getViewportDisplayBoundingBoxInPixels getViewportDisplayBoundingBoxInTiles getViewportID  
  getX getY getZoom  
  goToDestination goToSlide hideCopyright  
  hideHelp hideMessage hideProgress  
  hideTraces hideVirtualPointer HotspotsAllBoundingBoxInPixels  
  initializeNavigator initializeViewerKeyDefaultListeners initializeViewerKeyEventListeners  
  minimize modifyHotspot nextDestination  
  nextSlide pan polygonArea  
  polygonCenter polygonDimensions polygonPerimeter  
  priorDestination priorSlide redisplayHotspots  
  reset resizeViewer resizeViewport  
  rotateClockwise rotateCounterwise saveCoordinates  
  setAllHotspotsSaved setConstrainPan setCoordinatesDisplayVisibility  
  setHotspotFilterByDisplayList setHotspotPath setHotspotVisibility  
  setHotspotVisibilityByID setHotspots setHotspotsVisibility  
  setHotspotsVisibilityByFilter setImage setImagePath  
  setImageWithFade setSizeAndPosition setSmoothPan  
  setStatus setTourPath setView  
  setViewport setVisibility show  
  showCoordinates showCopyright showGlobals  
  showHelp showImage showLists  
  showMessage showProgress showTraces  
  showVirtualPointer sizeAndPositionImageSetList slideshowStart  
  slideshowStop syncNavigatorRectangleDimensions syncNavigatorRectangleToViewport  
  syncNavigatorRotation syncSliderToViewportImageSet syncSliderToViewportZoom  
  syncToViewport syncViewportRelated syncViewportResize  
  syncViewportToNavigator toggleBackfill toggleConstrainPan  
  toggleDisplay toggleFullViewMode toggleFullViewModeExternal  
  toggleSmoothPan toggleWatermarks tourStart  
  tourStop trace updateProgress  
  updateView validateNavigatorGlobals validateXYZDefaults  
  viewportNext viewportPrior viewportSelect  
  zoom zoomAndPanAllStop zoomAndPanToView    
Authoring: manual and batch image conversion of TIF, PNG, BMP, and JPEG files is supported on Windows and Macintosh with no special setup. Additional formats and platforms are supported with converter upgrades sold separately
Publishing: using just HTML, JPEGs, and one small JavaScript file, the Zoomify content can be hosted on any web server and is compatible with popular publishing, and ecommerce software
Viewing: all popular browsers are supported on all platforms including PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, and more - all without any special downloads or installs
Licensing: The Zoomify Unlimited Converter is licensed per user - just like Photoshop and other imaging software. Your content is your own - no royalties, no strings. The Zoomify Image Viewer JavaScript file is freely redistributable on web sites or CDs/DVDs. The same is true of customized versions, so long as the JavaScript file is 'minified' (compressed using an online tool). For detailed information please refer to the Zoomify License Agreement.

Image credits: Medical image provided by Center for Comparative Medicine at UC Davis. Dimensions: 20,892 x 20,400 pixels, 1.25 gigabytes (uncompressed). Created under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute with funding from the National Institute of Health. Defense image provided by GeoEye, Inc. Dimensions: 18,000 x 12,223 pixels, 1.2 gigabytes (uncompressed). Baghdad, Iraq, captured by IKONOS satellite. Earth satellite timelapse images copyright Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring (NTS OMZ).

Zoomify HTML5 Pro
Logo Custom
(Smile Logo)

Layout Custom
(180MB, Two Dollar Bill)

Zoom Rectangle
(alt-click-drag in image)

(16MB, Venetian Mask)

(70MB, Great Wall)

(18MB, Split Celebration)

Virtual Pointer
(1.3GB, Pathology)

(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Ruler Panel
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Measuring Tool
(click Measurement button)

Rotation - Free
(197MB, Area 51 Satellite)

Rotation - 90 Degrees
(197MB, Area 51 Satellite)

(16MB, 100 Trillion $ Bill)

Tours With Audio
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Side-By-Side Comparison
(Real & Faux Great Walls)

Synchronized Overlays
(Many Solar Images)

Slideshows With Gallery
(Many Croatia Images)

(171MB, NASA Satellite)

Hotspots & ZIF
One-File Storage

(16MB, Mask as ZIF File)

Coordinate Finder

(1.2GB, Baghdad Satellite)

Popup Graphics

(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Hotspot Categories
(15MB, Microarray)

Hotspot Functions
(180MB, 2 Dollar Bill)

Hotspot Click Functions
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Preload Option
(click Preload button)

Animation Object
(28 x 16MB, VW Car)

Animation Time Lapse
(16MB, Earth Satellite)

Animation Panorama
(16MB, Statue of Liberty)

Animation & ZIF
One-File Storage

(16MB, Earth Satellite)

Animation Unconverted Image File
(14 JPEG images, VW Car)

Animation With Hotspots
One File

(28 x 16MB, VW Car)

Animation With Hotspots
Many Files

(28 x 16MB, VW Car)

Responsive Sizing (RWD)
(18MB, Dubrovnik Harbor)

Geo Coordinates
(5MB, US Forest Service)

View In Layer
(34MB, White House)

View In Link
(16MB and 1.3GB Choice)

View In Link Gallery
(many images)

Many Viewers In One Page
(3 viewer instances)

Interactivity Off
(5MB, US Forest Service)

Transparent PNG Tiles
(Mask With Clear Eyes
Over Paris Background)

View Unconverted Image - JPEG
(16MB, Mask as JPEG File)

View Unconverted Image - PNG
(16MB, Mask as PNG File)

View Cross-Domain
(70MB, Great Wall Faux)

Toolbar Internal
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Constrain Pan
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Smooth Pan
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Toolbar In Page
(62MB, Ancient Map)

Toolbar In Page

(62MB, Ancient Map)

Set View
(18MB, Dubrovnik Harbor)

Set Image & Parameters
(1.3GB and 16MB Choice)

Parameters In XML
(16MB, Venetian Mask)

Set Callback
(5MB, Office, PNG Label)

Debug Options
(4MB, VW Car)

Parameters In
Object Form

(16MB, Venetian Mask)
Image credits at left

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